Artem Levy

International photographer based in Manila, Philippines
He specializes in high fashion photography, advertising photography, and wedding photography.

Artem Levy International photographer based in Manila, Philippines Artem Levy is the member of the Lito Sy team (the best wedding photographer on Philippines)

“OTLICHNO!” is a common Russian expression which means “Excellent!” or “Great!” It’s something you say when you find yourself thoroughly impressed and amazed by what you see before you. You’ll definitely be exclaiming “Otlichno!” again and again once you check out the works of Russian photographer Artem Levy.

Artem Levy began his life training as a classical pianist. His love for beautiful imagery caught up with him later in life, inspiring him to take up photography. After gaining his Master’s Degree from the University of Art in Magnitogorsk, Russia in 2006, Levy further honed his craft by participating in various workshops, exhibitions, and competitions, developing his creative eye and elevating his work to an admirable level of prestige in the process.

His trusty Canon 5D Mark II and a veritable selection of lenses, flashes, and transmitters are the tools of Artem Levy’s trade. With these, he creates bold, breathtaking images.

Levy strives to capture what he describes as the “raw spirit of the image itself,” resulting in images that are visually striking, and wholly alive, almost three-dimensional like they’d pop out from page and screen.

This seasoned strobist photographer can work well in any given situation.

He has a very professional, proactive approach when it comes to problem solving. His workflow management skills keep problems and risk at a minimum level, ensuring excellence and efficiency every step of the way. Because of his experience in the world of fashion and advertising photography, Artem Levy prides himself in being able to think creatively under pressure and work with flexibility and ease in any creative environment; he is comfortable and adept with both natural light on location and artificial lighting in a studio. Wherever he is, Levy is detail-oriented enough to execute images excellently in any environment.

He uses Adobe Photoshop to edit his photos to perfection, delivering exactly what the client needs and wants.
He is also proficient in digital video, giving him an edge above those who do photography alone.
Artem Levy does not only focus on creating the best photo for his clients, but also on creating the best experience for them. He does not think of his clients as customers, but as friends, and for his friends, he wants to give only the very best.

“Photography is my life and I love to capture life and make it even better through my vision,” says Levy.

As far as he based in Manila, he prefer to work with best of the best in fashion industry such as hair stylist – creative director and just the best friend – Mehdi Moussaoui.

Artem Levy’s work can be found in various magazines such as Fashion Collection, Living, Shop and Go, I Am Buying, Style of Success, Delight, Zee lifestyle, Rare and Fashion Avenue news.