Artem Levy – international Photographer

Celesta & Edvard                           


Artem – a talented photographer and a true professional! Moreover, he is the best, standing far above all others. On our wedding, his skills manifested in everything: he chose the camera angles, maintain our good ideas and offered no less than their original style and even charged us with his contagious enthusiam and the pictures,well,turned out really great. He not only lived up to our expectations but even exceeded them.

Kristina & Alexey


Artem – simply the best! I can just proudly run, shout and wave the photos in my hand! At our wedding, Artem delighted us and we even didn’t thought that even a serious business man can make us smile.When we were planning our wedding, we immediately decided that we will have Artem as our photographer and we made the right choice. If you want bright, fresh, lively and good pictures – contact Artem!

Marina & Vladimir             


He’s great. He’s simply a master of his craft.I viewed the photos and still can’t believe that I can be so beautiful.
Artem is very easy and fun to work with, and this is important. Just leave all the work to him,instead: rejoice, laugh and just be happy cause he will do everything to make your special day memorable for a lifetime.
I am extremely grateful to you, Tёm. You left me in awe and euphoric for several days.
P.S. 2K + photos made us all happy!

Olga & Alexey                                  


As we began to prepare for the wedding, the first we considered was viewing the portfolio Artem’s photography. It was fantastic that made us decide to only entrust our wedding to his team. We call him and learned that there were no bookings on July 16. It became clear that it was fate.

When we saw the pictures from prenuptial sessions, we were delighted by it. The long-awaited wedding photos came next and our happiness was boundless; each photo is simply a wonderful shot. Artem, you’re the best photographer in the entire world ?. It was very nice and pleasant to work with you. We were extremely happy with a lot of great pictures that you did for us?.
P.S. We hope that you also liked working with us.:)

Guzel & Azamat                        


You will not be bored with the standard and emotional pictures from Artem. You’ll get enough delightful and insanely romantic stunning pictures (believe me, “running around” in various fields of flowers is all worth it). And be sure to find an album of funny pictures of which bunch of memories are stored that any photo or video can’t capture (For example, When we went to the registry and we were late =)).All those crazy days he easily shoot us with jokes and constantly Morita (which is why all fotah Unas smiles all 32 teeth) =).

Artem is the most professional in capturing wedding moments. It is also worth mentioning the videographer, Vanya, who’s artistic skill with Artem made a wonderful tandem that results to wonderful memories now stored in our family archives with Sasha =)
P.S. Bride: Do you want to feel like a model? Choose Artem! 😉

Margarita & Alexey                         


Despite the cold, all photos were received with warmth and they’re simple gorgeous. This is all due to Artem. He is able to liberate the people and all the people at the wedding enjoyed his work. We have no time to revise our photoshoot session yet we want to do it again and again; each time, they like us more and more. Some pictures captured the spirit, as they get a nice and even a bit beyond our imagination. I want to say thank you to Artem who captured our most happy day and gave us unforgettable memories.

Anna & Nikolay                               


If you have not yet decided who will be at your wedding photographer, I advise you to opt for Artem for anything and you will regret it! Our wedding was on December 2009. But we never thought it was winter yet we were photographed. We were just sure that the result will be stunning.Truly, 4 hours flew by like a flash came a photograph, one better than the other and I want to watch it again and again even if there were 1,500 pcs.))). They’re all just crazy, interesting, creative, and well, really great !!!!! Artem, it was a pleasure to work with. His easy and carefree spirit overflowed throughout the whole shooting and we’ve got a lot of positive emotions, a smile never left our faces and seemed no frost was on it!I do not know how else to express my gratitude. Thank You, Merci, Danke, Grazie, Mange takk, Obrigado, Gracias to the whole team.

Yana & Yan                            


If you are looking for the best wedding photographer in our city – all very, very simple: look at the pictures of Artem,no other comments))) They are simply great !!!
I want to say about another. Working with Artem can be calm and even about photography and video, you don’t need to worry. From early morning until the last minute, he will be with you, and therefore you will have all moments in your special day captured.
This is a huge number of photos and we personally selected 600 “best of the best” pictures for printing))). It is really a lot of work, but the work puts justice to the soul. Do not hesitate over who should be with you on this day because it is the only evidence of your memories.
Beautiful and joyful pictures as they were framed. We have never seen like these before. Artem is simply the best!

Elvira & Konstantin                 


Who is Artem Levykin? A good photographer, a professional, a master of his craft ? Of course, but not only that; he’s also a good Santa Claus who all gave us a wonderful tale that will stay with us forever.
Working with Artem is not just easy but definitely a pleasure. On the day of our wedding, we knew for sure that the world suddenly stopped at that moment with a happy groom and bride. Artem gave us a wonderful feeling: a feeling of exclusivity. Thanks to Artem cause I felt like a princess,a perky girl and a happy bride). All pictures are so different that reviewing them once again, surprised us all! Artem fully convey the mood of our party.I started wondering how he do it)) .I completely agree with the Shemyakin family that Artem during his work is truly passionate (hopefully, we call you the same emotions))) of whom one does not want to leave.
In general, Artem, our gratitude is boundless and you truly exceeded our expectations! Thank you for being there on our special day!

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